About us

We are group of people and small non for profit grass roots organizations that  unite their forces on project to project bases. We come from different backgrounds and together we poses huge body of knowledge and wide variety of skills. The project teams are created according to the necessary tasks that each of the undertaken projects require.  Our attention is focus on details as well as we maintain clear vision of the most important goal of the undertaking. We commit to and complete the projects that we are passionate about. All of us share love of the projects that we get involve in.

Some of the visual  results of our most recent enterprise “Architects Paint and Draw Sopot and Santa Barbara” you can view at our virtual art gallery. More detailed description of our activities you can find  at our parent organization www.fundacjacentrum.org.

To contact us send us email info@fundacjacentrum.org or call 48 788 700 234.